Beanbags and bullsh!t

Hello. I’m David Floyd. I’m a Director of a social enterprise. A social enterprise is a business – usually quite a small business – that undertakes business activities for social purposes. What does this actually mean? Nobody really knows. Least of all the people who are professionally responsible for telling us.

I don’t know what social enterprise and I won’t tell you on this blog but I will say some stuff about running a social enterprise. And some stuff about the exciting ongoing debates about the role of social enterprise in saving the UK economy/the NHS/your local council/the whale (delete as appropriate).


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4 responses to “Beanbags and bullsh!t

  1. David, I’m not surprised at your reaction. As director of a business driven social enterprise myself, I’m well aware that the greatest effort being applied in the sector is going into those trying to control how it’s presented.

    Here’s us BTW



  2. beanbagsandbullsh1t

    I think this is true. Although good presentation is a good thing. The problem is if you end up with the icing without the cake.

    So, for example, it’s all very well for the social enterprise lobby to convince politicians that social enterprise is a great way to deliver public services but – so far – there’s a fairly small number of social enterprises that actually have the capacity to deliver public services and it’s not really clear how that’s going to change.


  3. Welcome back to the blogosphere David, look forward to your musings (any poetry?)


  4. beanbagsandbullsh1t

    No, as any poetry publisher will tell you, poetry and business don’t mix.


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