Upstarts changes emphasis

Interesting changes over at the Staggers, where the Upstarts social enterprise awards have mutated into some awards for regeneration.

Despite the incongruous claims that “The 2009 Upstarts Awards will recognise excellence in all aspects of social enterprise.” five out of six of the Award categories have no direct connection to social enterprise at all. In three of those cases: ‘Best Local Authority for Regeneration’, ‘Best Developer for Regeneration’ and ‘Best Elected Advocate for Regeneration’, even a tangential connection is not immediately obvious.

Personally, I’m dubious about awards for businesses in a general sense – the main prize we’re looking for as a social enterprise is to grow sustainably as a business while doing something socially useful – but I wonder whether the Staggers apparent loss of interest social enterprise scene is significant of anything wider. Does anyone know?


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2 responses to “Upstarts changes emphasis

  1. I’d guess that the Staggers is following its financial nose. A big money spinner for them is the sponsorship of stitched in supplements.

    Social Enterprise is a sector with no financial clout if it isn’t being bankrolled by Government.

    And I imagine the regeneration agenda is the one where there is money now, not the marginal frippery of much social enterprise waffling about ‘walking the talk’ and such like.

    Would be happy to be proven wrong though.


  2. beanbagsandbullsh1t

    You’re probably right. It was never entirely clear what the Staggers got out of running the Upstarts.


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