Darling, you’re being rather ridiculous

“It will mean considering the viability of loans rather than grants in some instances, diversifying beyond sponsorship and grant-based giving, embracing social enterprise models that aren’t at the expense of artistic integrity.”

It being the change of mindset that – within an otherwise quite good blog postThe Guardian’s Lyn Gardner declares is needed to save British theatre. I imagine I’m not the only person working in the gloriously unpredictable mess that’s the UK third sector who can barely read the words ‘embracing social enterprise models’ without banging my head repeatedly against the desk before seeking a hiding place from the ever-encroaching cloud of darkness on the horizon.

Would these be the same social enterprise models that were going to stop charities needing grants? The ones that actually resulted in the formation of those social enterprises that are good fun for all concerned but actually need to be cross-subsidised with the charity’s income from grants and donations.

Or – if the theatres in question are organisations that run community activities and fund their ongoing existence through a mixture of grants for those activities, volunteer-staffed cafés, tickets sales and friends schemes – would they be the same social enterprise models that many small theatres already have in place but don’t currently refer to as social enterprise?

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