CompactBalls 1

For those of you who’ve missed it, the Compact is an utterly comical pseudo-agreement between the government and the voluntary sector lobby that attempts to specify the basis of interaction between the government and voluntary sector organisations. It’s like a legal agreement that’s not enshrined in law and which nobody agrees to.

CompactBalls is a new, occasional series reporting Compact lobbyists saying things that are likely to seem quite ridiculous to anyone who doesn’t live in Compact world. Today’s prize goes to ‘A spokeswoman for the Commission for the Compact’.

At the end of an article on charities griping about the Social Investment Business setting unreasonably tight deadlines for its funding applications, Ms Compact is paraphrased delivering a statement that breaks new ground by positioning itself with almost frightening delicacy on the dividing line between farcically useless and grouchily banal:

“A spokeswoman for the Commission for the Compact said the Compact required public bodies to give charities enough time to apply for grant schemes, but did not stipulate a period.”

Truly wonderful stuff. Please submit your own examples of CompactBalls as comments.

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