Beanbags and Bullsh!t Social Enterprise Xmas Quiz 2011

It’s been a challenging year for social enterprise, with no shortage of warm words from politicians and business leaders but a distinct shortage of funding and income generation. Here’s a chance to get into (or remain in) the Christmas spirit with a festive quiz celebrating some of the significant events of the year.

Please email your answers to the email address here. The first correct entry drawn out of my winter hat (or the entry with the most correct answers, or the person who enters) will win an annual subscription to Social Spider‘s popular mental health magazine, One in Four. Closing date: December 31st 2011.


1. Assura Healthcare, the private healthcare provider that beat social enterprise, Central Surrey Health, to a £500million contract to provide NHS community services in south west and north west Surrey this year is owned by which conglomerate?

2. Which proponent of the Big Society quit his role this year because he couldn’t afford to volunteer full time?

3. Which leading figure in social enterprise support was described at this year’s Guardian Social Enterprise conference as having gone ‘from enfant terrible to éminence grise’ during 2011?

4. Which organisation was not described as a social enterprise on The Guardian website during 2011?: (a) A4E (b) Nestle (c) BAE Systems (d) Circle Healthcare

5. Toby Young, son of School for Social Entrepreneurs founder Lord Michael Young, launched his own organisation this year was it?: (a) a counselling service (b) a free school (c) a website promoting volunteering  (d) a political party

6. The pop-up social enterprise thinktank, Popse, popped up in May 2011 in a shop vacated by which popular sandwich company?

7. The year in quotes – Who said this?:

(a) “There is a social entrepreneur cult of the new, the metropolitan, the digital, the middle class, the white.

(b) “Dai Powell(of HCT)’s buses go past my house every 15 minutes – day in, day out – in Wanstead. So I do kind of feel I live the dream.” 

(c) “Others will go a bit deeper, and participate because they realise it is in their self-interest to be a bit healthier, learn new skills, meet new people, get to know neighbours’ names, benefiting thereby alongside wider community action from reduced crime, a better quality of life, whether nudged by peers or a third party organisation, or because they are in a reciprocal arrangement such as time banking or a cooperative, or simply by having been trained in active citizenship online and offline.

(d)  “The prize is to make an effective connection between mainstream capital and the social sector which does not exist today. We are under no illusions about the scale of the challenge or the length of time it will take.

(e) “I believe that the English Govt. is very relaxed about SE becoming a generic term – for organisations with a vaguely social purpose – including the soft end of private enterprise.  A mish mash of authentic SEs – bogus SEs – and straight commerce.

8. The year in numbers – Match the figures to the explanations: eg. (i) = (c)

(i) Members of the CIC Association

(ii) Total equity finance provided provide by social investment sector in £millions

(iii) % of UK social enterprises holding the Social Enterprise Mark, based on current best available figures

(iv) Funds available to new social investment wholesaler, Big Society Capital, in £millions

(v) % of social enterprises that are start-ups, according to Social Enterprise UK’s Fightback Britain research

(a) 0.7%

(b) 14%

(c) 8.25

(d) 1650

(e) 600

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