Social Enterprise interviews – June O’Sullivan, LEYF

I’ve started a new series of interviews with social enterprise leaders for Social Enterprise. Here’s the first one, with June O’Sullivan of London Early Years Foundation. I reckon it’s worth a read.


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  1. jeffmowatt

    Guardian Social Enterprise published an article by June in February, it began:

    “Social entrepreneurs should step into the limelight and help formulate the idea of a market economy based on values

    Creating a more palatable form of capitalism is the new political battleground. David Cameron and Ed Miliband are locked in an arm wrestle to get there first. In the blue corner (well a sort of roseate) we have Dave’s creative capitalism, popular capitalism, moral capitalism or just plain old responsible capitalism and in the red corner (or maybe a bit lilac) … well much the same actually not even a hint of a new Das Capital! Can they really create an alternative to free market capitalism? Of course not, we are too bound up with the capitalist system. What is more realistic is a Gok Wan makeover.”

    This is precisely what we’d done very publicly in 2006, with regard to the childcare system in Ukraine, reasoning the case for capitalism with key social objectives and the primary focus of childcare reform.


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