Mythbusting – Successful social enterprises need charismatic leaders

While there are plenty of great people who others might describe that way, there’s a strong possibility that someone who looks in the mirror and sees ‘a visionary and ultimate realist’ will ultimately deliver more hot air than positive change… Here’s the fourth of my mythbusting columns for the The Guardian‘s social enterprise network.


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2 responses to “Mythbusting – Successful social enterprises need charismatic leaders

  1. The call for the charismatic leader is always a bit of a challenge in every sectors. Much has been written about it and whether you can be a quiet person and a great leader. There is room for all in the field but we need both as the charismatic leaders can bring spotlight on the broader issues in this case social businesses. We need to be able to lead our businesses but also help profile the sector in which we lead. Running a business and raisng a sector profile are two different issues and when someone can do both its great. In the end though credibility will only be achived if the person bplaying charisma can actually do what it says on the tin. sadly, many people just blow off hot air! The most important aspects of leadership in my book
    ( I wrote it in 2009!) is to have a huge knowledge of your subject, enthusiasm and energy and an understanding that processes and structures need to frame what you do. A bit of charisma is great but if we look around us, we can all find the charismatic leader who bought the dust!


  2. jeffmowatt

    Poverty reduction and childcare reform has been the major focus of our own work as a ‘profit for purpose’ business and the impact of this work is something I wrote of recently when HBR & McKinsey wanted suggestions on hacking capitalism for social innovation.

    It reveals many of the obstacles we faced, including defamation and censorship. The Guardian is among those who seem determined to deny us media exposure. They are also a customer in that one of their publications deploys our software product, for which they have declined to pay any support invoice for the last 4 years.


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