Innovation stories

In January, I pointed you in the direction of ‘A Creative Collaborate Environment’, my first Innovation Story for NCVO which featured my former employers, Exposure. The other three stories of social innovation in the series are now up and are all worth a read.

In one of them, Leah McPherson – now of the School for Social Entrepreneurs – explains the challenges involved in taking West London-based social enterprise urban farm, Cultivate London, from being an idea to being a business.

In another, Carl Ditchburn and Ian Cockerill, of Community Campus ’87, a Teesside social enterprise set up to tackle youth homelessness in the mid-1980s, talk about being open to new ideas and finding ways to take advantage of different opportunities as they become available, without losing sight of their core social mission.

And finally, the team from Leeds-based care services social enterprise, Angels Community Enterprises, talking about the innovative challenge of combining cleaning services with support to enable people to live independently.

Administrative challenges have resulted in a big gap between the interviews being conducted and the final stories and videos being published online. For this reason, the stats at the bottom of the stories don’t necessarily reflect the current positions of the organisations concerned but the stories still provide (what I think are) really interesting insights into how people are doing social innovation in the UK.



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