If the shoe fits: social ventures and marketing strategy

One of the key differences between a social venture and a traditional charity is that by definition, a social venture takes a commercial approach to solving a social problem. It sells a product or service to customers, putting the profits back towards addressing whatever issue it has chosen to pursue….

This is the first in a series of blog posts I’m writing for The Young Foundation Ventures Network’s new monthly e-newsletter. Here’s some more information about what the Ventures Network is along with details of how to get the newsletter sent to you.


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One response to “If the shoe fits: social ventures and marketing strategy

  1. David Another argument against the “cause marketing” approach is that it distorts local economies, by dumping a free product which puts local shoe makers out of business.
    In the RSA presentation ‘First as tragedy then As Farce’ we see Toms Shoes referred to as an absurd example:

    Another example which hadn’t been conceived in 2009, is the Creating Shared Value’ approach of Novaritis. who charge the NHS about £40k a year for the drug that I’m being treated with. By maintaining their worldwide patents and prices for the health services and insurance companies willing to pay them, they can provide free treatment to those in the developing world who would otherwise be denied. That means we are supporting the generosity of drug companies through taxation.

    Could this be why we need to save costs by rolling out public services to the private sector?.


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