Leading the world in reports about Social Impact Bonds

Apologies for the lack of posts on Beanbags in recent months. I’m hoping to post some original material later in the week but, in the meantime, here’s some of my recent publications and blogs for other people:

Social Impact Bonds – An Overview of the Global Market for Commissioners and Policymakers: 

The report, supported by Centre for Public Impact, is here.

A related blog for Pioneers Post is here.

Subsidy blogs:  I’m writing a series of blogs for Access: The Foundation for Social Investment on subsidy in the UK social investment market. To be followed by a short report.

Blog one is here.

Blog two is here.

It would be great to hear what you make of the report or the blogs.


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3 responses to “Leading the world in reports about Social Impact Bonds

  1. David, As we’d argued in our position paper, the accumulation of wealth in the hands of a minority required something to redress the balance. It made the case for a business model for social purpose, introducing it to the UK as a profit-for-purpose approach.

    Later this month yet another conference will discuss Beyond Good Business and I noted that it will explore combining profit with purpose and building bridges between startups and corporations.

    That was the essence of what I shared with York St John University a couple of years ago, when they gave me the opportunity to blog on cross sector collaboration.


    “Your work is beyond our focus” the Social Enterprise Coalition told me in 2006.

    Esmee Fairbairn has a new focus, the primary focus of what I shared with York St John Uni..

    There’s now a group called The Purposeful Company regurgitating what our position paper argued against maximising shareholder value in favour of community benefit.

    Yes, leading the world in reports, conferences and brandbuilding.


  2. Lizzy Hawkins

    Hi – the blogs and reports were fascinating. I don’t work in the social investment world so am an interested outsider and your report and blog were extremely helpful in helping me understand the social investment landscape and the reality behind some of the grander claims (particularly around SIBs).

    Thanks! Look forward to the next one.



  3. What I remember about the SIEF at the time was that it was very specific in targeting not-for-profit business as many other funds had been. As a profit-for-purpose business we wouldn’t qualify.
    It came at the same time as our own appeal for a social investment fund, $800 million of which was to be invested in placing children in loving family homes, as the impact investors would describe it, a non-financial return on investment.
    Thinking further on Beyond Good Business in the last few days. Isn’t this what was beyond the focus of the SEC a decade ago?
    The profit-for-purpose argument has gained considerable traction at the Vatican and for Bernie Sanders in turn. Why is the UK social enterprise community so resistant?

    View at Medium.com


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