About This Blog

I’m David Floyd. I’ve been running a small social enterprise, Social Spider CIC, since 2003.

I started the business with a couple of friends when I was 22 having left education after A-Levels and worked in the public and private sectors. I like social enterprise. I like social enterprise for a lot of the same reasons that politicians and other powerful people like it – because fairness and equality are good things but it’s better to achieve them through people having ideas and doing stuff, than by governments trying to impose them. And also because – at their best – businesses can do some things quicker, cheaper and more effectively than governments or charities.

There are some problems with the current state of social enterprise, though. One is that in the necessary battle to get social enterprise noticed at all, advocates of social enterprise have too easily slipped into suggesting that it offers the solution to all the problems in the world ever. Whether or not this is potentially true, it’s definitely not true yet. Not least because the sector is currently very small.

The aim of this blog is to look at what’s happening in (mostly) UK social enterprise and the emerging social investment market in a way that gets beyond the hype and attempts to work out what’s really being said and what’s really been happening. I make no claims to be an expert in either business or social change, so I may often be wrong and I’m keen for readers tell me when they think that’s the case.

Other things I do:

In addition to my role at Social Spider CIC, I’m non-executive chair of Significant Seams CIC , and a director of WFWellComm CIC, a social enterprise jointly-owned by three charities and social enterprise in Waltham Forest and Doing Social, a social enterprise supporting inclusive innovation in the UK.

I’m a Fellow of the RSA and the School for Social Entrepreneurs and The Finance Innovation Lab. The views expressed here don’t necessarily reflect the views of any of these organisations.

3 responses to “About This Blog

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  2. Criminonymous

    Great stuff, I’ve been a big fan of social enterprise since reading Yunus’ books. Have you ever come across some of the social finance enterprises, e.g. Ecology Building Society, Triodos (both savings and loans) MyHomeFinance or FairFinance (both alternatives to payday lending)?


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