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Local news round-up 1

I thought it might be interesting to do an occasional round-up of exciting social enterprise news that’s being proffered by top local news outlets. This week’s top choices are:

A decent effort from local newspaper group, Newsquest, who not only send in the their local Managing Director to help a local social enterprise but also run a story about his efforts in one of their publications, the Croydon Guardian. Despite the element of internal publicity involved, it is actually a decent simple but informative write-up about two local CICs.

Slightly less informative but quite amusing is this storming letter in Eastbourne Today. Councillor Andrew Goodwin informs us that: “Mr Steadman’s letter in last week’s Herald contained a few inaccuracies that I felt compelled to write in and correct. Eastbourne Borough Council has committed £24,000 for a two-year project which will be run by a social enterprise. This is basically a company with a social conscious (sic) like the Co-op and Fairtrade.”

Mr Steadman can consider himself told but unfortunately Councillor Goodwin’s robust defence doesn’t raise especially high hopes for social enterprise (or the promotion of literacy) in Eastbourne in the near future.


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